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Journal of Inonu Liver Transplantation Institute
Liver Transplantation for Cryptogenic Cirrhosis: Where we are [JILTI]
JILTI. 2024; 2(1): 11-15 | DOI: 10.14744/jilti.2024.24633

Liver Transplantation for Cryptogenic Cirrhosis: Where we are

Adil Baskiran1, Metin Kement2, Mehmet Zeki Ogut1, Deniz Yavuz Baskiran1, Volkan ince1, Sezai Yilmaz1
1Department of General Surgery and Liver Transplant Institute, Inonu University Faculty of Medicine, Malatya, Türkiye
2Department of General Surgery, Bahcesehir University Faculty of Medicine, VM Medicalpark Hospital, Istanbul, Türkiye

Objectives: This study aimed to compare clinical and immunological features between patients undergoing liver transplantation with cryptogenic cirrhosis and those with determined etiologies.
Methods: Patients who underwent liver transplantation at our institute between March 2019 and March 2020 were retrospectively analyzed. Data including demographics, laboratory results, and post-transplant outcomes were collected from a prospectively maintained database. Immunoglobulin levels, autoantibodies, and pathological findings were evaluated.
Results: Of 201 patients, 24.4% had cryptogenic cirrhosis. These patients were older (mean age 54.8 years) and had higher BMI (mean 27.3) compared to those with determined etiologies. Immunological biomarkers did not significantly differ between groups. Autoimmune hepatitis was the most common diagnosis upon pathological examination of cryptogenic cases.
Conclusion: Immunological biomarkers did not differentiate cryptogenic cirrhosis from other etiologies in liver transplant patients. Higher BMI was associated with cryptogenic cirrhosis. Pathological examination frequently revealed autoimmune hepatitis in cryptogenic cases.

Keywords: Autoimmune hepatitis, cryptogenic cirrhosis, liver transplantation.

Adil Baskiran, Metin Kement, Mehmet Zeki Ogut, Deniz Yavuz Baskiran, Volkan ince, Sezai Yilmaz. Liver Transplantation for Cryptogenic Cirrhosis: Where we are. JILTI. 2024; 2(1): 11-15

Corresponding Author: Adil Baskiran, Türkiye
Manuscript Language: English
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